The Digital WOrld

Here at Hillbillys', we embrace every genre of crafting you can think of. Right now I would choose mixed media/art journaling as my flavour of the month but I have also been dabbling in a little bit of slow stitching.

I do have moments where I get the urge to scrapbook, especially the grandkids (*note to self; print those photos ) AND who among us has not purchased a birthday, wedding, anniversary or whatever CARD for years! Love making family and friends cards. Are you the go-to for your family when they need that last-minute card? 😍

If you haven't already guessed, I'm also a bit partial to the world of digital art making. The term hybrid often gets tossed around when we start combing the digital world with our hands-on crafting and in some circles, it is even classed as “not real art”. I say a big NO to that! In my humble opinion, any tool you use that brings whatever crazy, beautiful, quirky emotion that's in your head to life and allows you to share it with the world is just that!

It's just like your favourite paintbrush or glue or fussy cut, perhaps without some of the mess!

There are so many 'digital” tools we can use to enhance our crafting these days it can be a little overwhelming, but I bet you are using more than you realise.



A couple of my favourites at the moment are;

💚 CANVA - love it for little embellishments to print, and social media

💚 Photoshop is my number #1 go to - lots of tutorials out there to learn the basics

💚 Flime - a very user friendly video editing program

Combing these (and a few more) inspires me to be creative in lots of different ways.

Want to know more? Comment down below if you would like learn how the digital world can be added to our “toolbox” of art supplies - stress free 😀