Hard to believe that our fabulous 15 years of Hillbillys' celebration retreat was a whole month ago! It was the most fabulous 5 days and everything I had hoped for when I thought about how to mark this wonderful milestone.

Last pop up shop for MoamaLike any small business that made it through to the "other side" of the past couple of years, I must say WHAT A RIDE!  From humble beginnings to a highly regarded and profitable business in the crafting industry is no mean feat.
I am so proud to be the owner-operator of Hillbilly Scrappin' but I could not have got this far without ALL of you! 
I sincerely thank all of you who have supported Hillbilly Scrappin' over the years and look forward to a long and happy relationship. Supporting a small business creates a community and
I LOVE our Hillbilly Scrappin' community with all my heart.  



Moama retreat