Jenny and her team at Hillbilly Scrappin are reasonably priced, very caring and professional. They are very approachable and respond quickly .I thoroughly enjoy the Virtual Retreats that are organised regularly each year, with tutors from across the world. The kits for each tutor are fantastic and the ability to use your own stash without having to predict is a blessing - as you have it all available at home. Costings are reasonable and you even get very useful freebies .As a mixed media artist (Nanas Art Tas) I love what Hillbilly Scrappin has to offer.

C Toorenburg

I came across Hillbilly Scrappin’ and the virtual retreat through a recommendation, signed up and had an amazing time! I learnt so much from a range of tutors and really reinvigorated my crating; new skills, fantastic ideas and so much fun! I absolutely loved having so much challenge in such an imaginative form - thank you!! Can’t wait for the next virtual retreat!!!

J Marsh

I loved the various projects and techniques in the virtual retreat - challenged me. I learned something from every project - took me out of my comfort zone. I know some say you should move out to grow, and others say do what is in your own style because that is where you do best. So even if I might not repeat all the projects as they were, I will use the techniques in different ways in my own projects. Thank you that I could be part of this

M Smith

As a first time retreater I feel that the classes were great, but I find there were way to many or maybe next time give a two week window to finish or less classes. Please don't get me wrong but some of us take longer to complete and that some of us are beginners. I really want to finish the rest, and I will eventually, I will be doing the next retreat, and I am looking forward to it

L Cain

Fantastic products are reasonable prices, wonderful card kits and the owner and her friends are so knowledgeable. Nothing is too much trouble.

C Anderson

I love the whole experience, from the lead up challenges to all the classes. The virtual retreat is an awesome weekend with so many different types of classes. Always lots to learn and I love how the tutors give lots of tips and help if you don't have all the products with what else you can use. I love Jen's generosity with all she provides us and Fi is amazing with all the work she does to make these retreats truly a very special experience. Thank you for bringing us all together from around the world to join in this super fun experience and I love to see everyone's creations when they post them. I always learn heaps and I love being taken out of my comfort zone to learn how to use different products. ~ Hillbilly Scrappin' Virtual Retreats

L Foster

I love the classes. A whole weekend of fun with all the support and encouragement of so many lovely people. ~ Hillbilly Scrappin' Virtual Retreats

C White

I love all the different tutors/creatives and i love the fact you are encouraged to go off piste and put your own twist on things. I also enjoy the warm up challenges and the whole community is so supportive of everyone. ~ Hillbilly Scrappin' Virtual Retreats

N Gibson


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