PaperArtsy Mattint - Jam

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Mattints (Matte-Tints) are a matte effect tinted glaze. 

A water based, environmentally friendly acrylic paints. 50ml Made in France

GLOW is a rich warm ochre yellow, perfect to add warmth to any project.

Matte glazes are a transparent sealer with a matte, flat finish.They produce a toothy surface that will easily accept any pens, pencils, paints and more.

  • Use Mattints as an adhesive or colour option to tint PaperArtsy Printed Tissue papers.
  • Or apply the tissue with our normal Matte Glaze, and tint after.
  • Use alone or over Fresco Chalks as a sealer
  • Mix with acrylic chalks to increase paint transparency
  • Mix with infusions to increase colour depth
  • Layer with other Mattints for transparent matte tinted layers
  • Easy clean up in warm water. Low or no VOC's. Eco Friendly
  • 50ml bottle.

Please note: Colour varies greatly from screen to screen. Colours can only be taken as an approximation.

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