Paper Artsy Tissue paper by Seth Aplier


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Printed Tissue - Seth Apter


Printed Tissue - featuring stamp images by Seth Apter

size: 30" x 20" (67 x 47cm), 4 sheets per pack. €2 wholesale, SRP €4+VAT

The abstract stamps and designs featured on this paper are by Seth Apter, and designed to help you get in the groove of being one layer closer to magic! We imagine this tissue paper will be very useful for layers in your journal pages, or even if used onto plain fabric!

We recommend PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Matte Glaze as a glue of choice. This is a very liquid glue/ sealant which dries with a matte finish. As tissue becomes extremely fragile when wet, there are 2 methods of application we reccomend:

1. Apply the glaze liberally to the receiving surface. Gently smooth the paper onto the glaze. If you brush over the top too vigorously at this stage you could tear the image easily, so take care to smooth our wrinkles or creases gently, you can lift up and re apply the tissue, it seems to like to be wet before you put it on the surface. Once it is dry, apply a second coat of glaze and over the top, and the tissue should disappear.

2. Working on a non stick craft sheet, apply the Matte glaze to one side of the image you wish to glue down. Let dry. (you can use a gentle heat tool such as the Ranger Heat tool) Flip over and apply glue to the other side. let dry. Now the image will be stronger, and you can glue it into your journal page with more Matte glaze, and the image will be able to be glued and brushed with glaze applied liberally both underneath and on top without tearing. 

3. Mattints. PaperArtsy matte-tints are tinted matte glaze (makes sense), so these are perfect for use with Printed Tissues.

All the images used to make this paper are high quality and different combinations and sizes to the existing stamp collection.

The tissue will disappear when wet-glued to a surface (we recommend matte glaze). The ink is permanent black, allowing you to add colour to the back or front of the image before adhering.Use a wet paintbrush to create soft 'tear' lines.

Use with glue, melted wax, or adhere to fabric and then sew. 

Released January 2024 - Designed by Seth Apter for PaperArtsy

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