Tim Holtz Idea ology Word Keys

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Word Keys, Metal Adornments ... by Tim Holtz Idea-Ology - Realistic metal silver coloured keys with words engraved. Use for mixed media, assemblage projects, off-the-page marvels and party decor. 7 (seven) pieces, 1 (one) of each design. 

The wonderful vintage styling of these Metal Adornment Word Keys by Tim Holtz will enhance your project with not just a fabulous key, but each has a thought provoking word engraved - found, fly, lucky, dream, heart, curious, brave.

The antiqued metal castings of these beautiful keys provide the perfect decorative element to any project.

Add to your project, off-the-page marvel, canvas or other artistic creation and attach using trimmings, fasteners or collage medium. Use with other ephemera, layers and other Idea-Ology elements and alter the colouring with alcohol inks, Distress crayons or Distress paints. Apply primer or gesso to use ink sprays, watercolour paints and other watersoluble mediums.

Sizes (approx) : range from 1.5 to 2 inches in length.

Pack contains 7 (seven) pieces, 1 of each design.

Designed by Tim Holtz as part of his Idea-Ology range. Made by Advantus Corp. TH94245

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