Dylusions Paint Pens Set 2

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6 (six) Paint Pens - Set 2 ... Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley ... Gorgeous vibrant colours with smooth, opaque coverage and fine nibs.

Paint pens by Dyan Reaveley, made by Ranger, are ideal for journaling, writing and doodling on most surfaces. Fantastic to use over finished artwork, acrylic or watercolour paintings. 

The colours in this set match beautifully with all the Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley products including Ink Sprays, Acrylic Paint, Shimmer Sprays and Paint Pens (all available, sold separately).

This pack contains these 6 colours :
- After Midnight (dark blue)
- Slate Grey (medium gray)
- Polished Jade (blue green)
- Fresh Lime (bright lime green)
- Tangerine Dream (bright orange)
- Bubblegum Pink (medium pink)

To prime your pens, press gently but firmly onto a scrap piece of paper until you see paint flowing down the chamber (where the valve is). Like all paint pens, these will need shaking before use.
Check out Dyan's videos for tips, tricks and techniques. Msg me if you have questions or need help :)
Always make sure to wait 24 hours before writing over painted artwork or it may block the nibs.

Each pen is approx 14.3cm long (with the lid on).
- Fine point
- Water based acrylic paint pens
- Ideal for most surfaces
- Quick drying, opaque paint

Made by Ranger.

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