Lindys Prairie Wildflower Magicals set of 5

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Lindy's prairie wildflower Magicals 


Make your projects sparkle with this Prairie Wildflower Shimmer Magicals Pigment Powder Set. Designed for use on everything from paper to wood, the dye-based powders are non-toxic and acid-free. Sprinkle them directly onto a porous surface and spray it with water for a vibrant stain, or mix them into different mediums to create potent pastes. The five-piece Prairie Wildflower set includes rich shades of green and brown and the three primary colors.

    The Prairie Wildflower Magical Collection includes:

    • Bachelor Button Blue- a rich and vibrant blue with soft blue shimmer.
    • Bells of Ireland Green- a bright, vibrant green with soft green shimmer.
    • Mission Bells Brown- a rich brown with soft bronze shimmer.
    • Peony Scarlet Red- a pinky red color with pink shimmer.
    • Yellow Rose of Texas- a bright primary yellow with a rich gold shimmer.

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