Alchemy-Antiquing Wax – Soot 0.68 FL.OZ

Sale price$12.80


Wax-based antiquing paste adding a beautiful, natural-looking stained and weathered look to your projects. Antiquing Wax gives you generous color which can be thinned down by adding Art Alchemy Clear Wax to get more transparency! It works the best on any light coloured surfaces, turning your artwork into a real vintage-looking treasure. Great for applying with your fingers, sponges, dabbing brushes and soft fabric. Perfect for adding colour and finishing touches to mixed-media and home décor projects. Works on most popular surfaces and elements giving the permanent, semi-gloss, water-resisting finish which doesn't require sealers.

Separation is natural! As with many products made with oils, some separation may occur for variety of reasons – this is not defect. Simply mix the wax with a brush or palette knife to re-combine the ingredients. Once combined your wax is ready for use once again.

Permanent. Water-resistant.

0,68 FL. OZ. (20 ml.)

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